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Chatting with other online staff from your co-op

In addition to chatting with patrons, you can also chat with other online staff from your co-op. Under the Chats tab of the LibChat dashboard, they'll be listed along with your local departments and operators under the Internal Chat section.

  1. Co-Ops: this section will list all of the co-ops you're assigned to and monitoring. Clicking on a co-op will allow you to chat with all online co-op users at once. This is a great way to collaborate as a group.
  2. Operators from Other Systems: in this section, you'll see individual online users from the other systems in your co-op (the name of their institution appears in parentheses). Click on the arrow button to expand or collapse the list. Clicking on a user's name will allow you to chat with them one-on-one.
Are you new to LibChat? To learn more about using LibChat to chat with other staff, check out Chatting with other online staff via an internal chat session.

The Co-Ops and Operators from Other Systems sections of the chat dashboard

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