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View information about the participating institutions in your co-op

A co-op's Institution Admin users can view a list of the institutions participating including the URL of their LibAnswers site, the time zone they are based in, and their coverage type for the co-op.

Getting started

  1. Log into your local LibAnswers site and click on LibChat in the navigation bar.
  2. From the dropdown, select the Login link for the co-op you want to add users to.

The co-op login link under the LibChat menu

  1. From your co-op dashboard, go to Admin > Institutions.

The Institutions link under the Admin menu

View the institutions in your co-op

On the Participating Institutions page, you can view information for each institution, including:

  • The Name and URL of their LibAnswers site.
  • The server Region their site is in.
  • The Timezone that their LibAnswers site uses.
  • The Coverage Type their institution uses.
    • None: The Co-Op will not answer chats for this institution.
    • 24/7 Coverage: The Co-Op will respond to fallback questions from this institution at all times, even when the library is open.
    • Custom Hours: The Co-Op will only respond to fallback questions from this institution during the custom hours that have been set.
  • The View Institutions () icon for an institution will show their custom hours (when applicable) and the same general information listed above.

The Participating Institutions page

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