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Add and manage Group Member Policy FAQs in a shared group system

To help staff from other locations in your shared group system answer questions from your institution's patrons, they will be able to search your location's Group Member Policy FAQs. This is a special FAQ group that staff can search while chatting with patrons, allowing you to share information about your local policies, collections, e-resources, facilities, etc.

Although the process of adding and editing FAQs within these groups is the same as any other, there are a few differences to keep in mind:

  • Only your library's Admin users can add, edit, or delete FAQs in a Group Member Policy FAQ group. User access cannot be extended to Regular users.
  • FAQs in a Group Member Policy FAQ group will not display to the public. They are only searchable by staff from within the LibChat dashboard.
  • Because a Group Member Policy FAQ group is not publicly viewable, there are no options for customizing look & feel, pages, or language options. You can only customize the group's name.
  • Each location in your shared group system has its own Group Member Policy FAQ group, allowing staff from each to create FAQs unique to them.
  • If your LibAnswers system is part of a co-op, then staff from other co-op libraries will also be able to search this group when answering chats from your patrons.

Managing a Group Member Policy FAQ group

Each Group Member Policy FAQ group will be listed along with your system's other groups under Admin > FAQ Groups. These groups cannot be deleted, but can be renamed if you'd like. 

  1. To easily find these groups, just look for "Group Member Policy FAQ" in the Access Level column of the Manage FAQ Groups page.
  2. To quickly view all FAQs assigned to the group, click on its # questions link. This will take you to the Knowledge Base Explorer: FAQ Entries page, displaying the group's FAQs.
  3. To rename the group, click on its edit () icon in the Actions column.

Group Member Policy FAQ groups listed on the Manage FAQ Groups page

Adding FAQs to a Group Member Policy FAQ

Adding FAQs to a Group Member Policy FAQ group is no different than adding FAQs to your other groups: just select your Group Member Policy FAQ group from the Group dropdown. To learn more about creating and publishing FAQs, see our How to create, edit, and manage FAQ entries springboard.

A Group Member Policy FAQ group selected in the Create an FAQ window

What should I add to my Group Member Policy FAQ group?

If you were training a brand new reference librarian, what would she need to know in order to answer common questions from your patrons? That is the type of info that is ideal for your Group Member Policy FAQ group, since staff outside of your location may be unfamiliar with your local collections, resources, and policies. The list below provides some examples to help you get started.
  • Library policies (i.e. loan periods; fines & fees; library card applications; acceptable use; privacy)
  • How to access e-resources from offsite
  • Library floor plans, hours, and staff directory
  • Links to popular resources, LibGuides, style manuals, etc.
  • Overview of library collections and facilities (and how to access them)
  • How to borrow, request, renew, or return resources
  • Key facts about the library and surrounding community
  • Information about special programs, assignments, or courses involving the library

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