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24/7 Co-Op: View your library's co-op memberships & edit custom coverage hours

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If your LibAnswers system participates in one or more LibChat co-ops, Admin users can view a current list of co-op memberships in the LibAnswers system settings.

the System Settings option in the Admin menu

  1. In the LibAnswers navigation bar, click on the Admin menu and select System Settings from the dropdown.

the Co-Op Memberships panel

  1. Under the General tab of the System Settings page, scroll down to the Co-Op Memberships panel. This will display each of your co-op memberships, along with your coverage type, contribution type, and contribution hours in each.
    1. If you are using the Custom Hours coverage type in a co-op, click on the Edit () icon to manage your coverage hours. The Edit Custom Coverage modal window will appear, where you can set your coverage hours for each day of the week.

the Edit Custom Coverage modal window