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24/7 Co-Op & LibChat: Create and manage canned messages for a co-op

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What are Canned Messages?

If you find yourself answering the same questions over and over, canned messages can help you save time (and keystrokes!). Canned messages are pre-written messages that you can use while chatting. As a Co-op Admin, you have the ability to create canned messages that can be used by all users answering chats in your co-op. These can help staff answer questions quickly and consistently, especially for answers that often includes URLs, phone numbers, or other info that would take time to look up.

When chatting with patrons through the co-op, staff will be able to choose from your co-op's canned messages, as well as the system canned messages and personal canned messages from their local LibAnswers system.

Example of how to select a canned message while chatting

For example, if you often get asked when your service ends today, or when you'll start tomorrow, you can have a canned message ready with your current hours. Instead of having to look up and write out your hours, you would then just need to select the message from a list and send the reply. (Pro tip: you can edit the message before sending it. This is great if you need to customize the message for the patron.)

To create and manage your co-op's canned messages, log into your co-op's dashboard and go to Admin > System Settings. Then, click on the Canned Messages tab.

The Canned Messages tab on the System Settings page

Add a new canned message

  1. Click on the Add Canned Message button.
  2. In the Create Canned Message window, give your canned message a Display Name. This is how the message will be identified during chat, so make it short but informative.
  3. Add the text of your message in the Canned Message field. This is the actual message patrons will see.
    • Note: this field accepts basics HTML tags, allowing you to add emphasis (italics, underline, bold, etc.) and links within your message.
  4. Click the Save button.
Options in the Create Canned Message window

Manage canned messages

Each canned message can be managed using the icons in the Actions column:

  1. Click on the Edit () icon to change the message's display name or text.
  2. Click on the Delete () icon to permanently delete the canned message.
The Edit and Delete icons for canned messages