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24/7 Co-Op & FAQs: Prepare your Public and Policy FAQs

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The following are best practices and recommendations for your Public FAQs and Policy FAQs.

Create Public FAQs

Consider making the most of your public FAQs -- ensuring they are searchable by both the chat librarians as well as your patrons/students.

Anything that cannot be present in a public FAQ (like database login and password information) should go in the Policy FAQs which are accessible only to librarians. Public FAQs can contain any information that would be useful to your patrons as well as to the chat librarians assisting your patrons.

For example:

  • Hours of operation, phone numbers, parking information, directions, maps
  • Library card application instructions & circulation policies (loan periods, returns, renewals, etc.)
  • PIN-related instructions (how to obtain or reset PIN)
  • Library programs, events, services (ILL, events calendar, summer reading club, books clubs)
  • Available technology & equipment (printing, faxing)
  • WiFi access & instructions
  • LibGuides, subject guides, research guides, & citation guides
  • Course guides & course reserves
  • Remote access instructions & troubleshooting
  • Tech assistance or tech problem reporting form
  • Tutoring/writing center/homework help services
  • Catalog, e-Book, or e-Resources help & instructions
  • Obituaries & local history information & policies
  • Food, drink, & noise policies

Want to see some examples from libraries that have created Public FAQs? Look through the FAQs listed here by library: https://community.libanswers.com.

Update/Create Policy FAQ Content

Policy FAQs are 24/7 Staffing FAQs (or Group Member Policy FAQs for members of Shared Group Systems).

A default Policy FAQ has been (or will be) created for your library in order to ensure consistency among Co-Op members. Please keep this default FAQ up to date by submitting the Default Policy FAQ Content Change Request form, as this will be the first FAQ that Co-Op librarians will see when assisting your patrons. 

Policy FAQs can contain any for-librarian-eyes-only information that would be helpful to the librarians assisting your patrons. Consider only adding information to the Policy FAQs that is 1) not already in a public FAQ and 2) cannot be in a public FAQ for privacy reasons.

For example:

  • Any special instructions or alerts the chat librarians might need to know
  • Common or recurring assignments
  • Policy or library information that you don't already have in any public FAQs (or can't be added to public FAQs for privacy reasons)