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24/7 Co-Op: Steps for answering chats on behalf of another library

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Are you new to LibChat? To learn more about navigating the LibChat dashboard and chatting with patrons, check out How to use the new LibChat dashboard: chatting, claiming tickets, and customizing settings, part of our series of LibAnswers Springboards.

To answer chats on behalf of another library, sign into LibChat and then:

  1. Under the Co-Op Monitoring tab, set your Global Cooperative (Public, en Espanol, or Academic) to Online.
bringing co-op monitoring online
  1. Under the Chats tab, claim a Co-Op patron chat.
clicking the claim chat button
  1. Send a greeting. Click on Canned Messages for suggestions.
sending a greeting with a canned message
  1. Engage in a reference conversation to clarify the patron's information need. For example: "What kind of information would you like to find about the 1950s?" or "Is this for a class assignment?". Some of these can be canned messages, too.
example of sending a chat message
  1. Consult the 24/7 Staffing FAQ, public FAQs, library website, and other sources as needed to assist the patron. Send resources or copy and paste information from FAQs.
sharing an FAQ when chatting
  1. Ask for feedback on sources sent. Repeat Step 5 as needed until the patron is satisfied, or, it's determined that the question should be referred to the local library because the patron needs more extensive or specialized help.
  2. End the chat, either with or without creating a follow-up ticket.
    • If the patron is satisfied and the question is answered, send a goodbye message (canned message) and end the chat by clicking on End Chat.
ending a chat

  1. If the patron needs more help from the local library, create a ticket by clicking on the Ticket icon.
the ticket icon creation for a chat
  1. If the patron did not enter an email address initially, you will be prompted to enter one here. If desired, enter an "Internal Note to Ticket" to give additional information to the librarians who will respond to the follow-up ticket. Click on Create Ticket, then click on End Chat.
submitting a follow-up ticket