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24/7 Co-Op: Direct Feedback and Quality Assurance

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Have you noticed a quality issue with a 24/7 Co-Op chat? Did you want to respond to a chatting librarian's question or comment that was noted in a chat session? Or, would you like to recognize a Co-Op Operator's excellent work? You can provide Direct Feedback to the librarian who handled the chat.

How to leave Direct Feedback

  1. Next to the transcript in question, click on the Leave Feedback icon in the Actions column.
  2. In the Co-Op Operator Feedback window, enter a message in the Provide Feedback For text area.
  3. Select a rating from the dropdown (this step is optional).
  4. When finished, click the Save Feedback button.

This process is also described (with screenshots) in the "How to leave feedback for a chat" section of the 24/7 Co-Op: View transcripts and provide feedback for chats answered by a co-op FAQ.

How Direct Feedback works

When you leave Direct Feedback, the Co-Op Operator (chatting librarian) will be notified that they have received feedback on a chat session they handled.

It's appropriate to be as specific as possible when leaving Direct Feedback. For example, if there is a particular FAQ that would have answered the patron's question and the chatting librarian did not consult it, feel free to mention that particular FAQ. Or, if there is a page on your library's website that would have been useful to send to the patron, include that in your feedback.

The idea of Direct Feedback is to let the chatting librarian know how they could have improved the session, so mentioning the source(s) they should consult if they get subsequent chats on the same topic is very helpful.

A note about expectations: before leaving feedback, keep in mind that not all Co-Op librarians have access to the same LibAnswers system capabilities. For example, while your librarians might regularly assist students via Zoom, not all Co-Op libraries have Zoom screensharing enabled, so they will not use that feature while assisting your patrons during chat. In cases where the patron needs more dedicated or specialized help that the Co-Op librarian isn't able to provide, it's appropriate for the chatting librarian to create a ticket so the local library can follow up.

Quality Assurance Feedback Form

What if you've provided Direct Feedback to a chatting librarian about a quality issue, but you notice the issue persists in subsequent chat sessions?

You can report an ongoing issue to the 24/7 Co-Op Quality Assurance Team using the Quality Assurance Feedback Form at https://247cooperative.libwizard.com/f/QAfeedback. Please be as detailed as possible.

Upon reviewing the chat transcript and the feedback you've provided via the Quality Assurance Feedback form, the Quality Assurance Team may reach out to the chatting librarian directly to offer additional training, or contact the chatting librarian's supervisor to discuss various training options.

For issues unrelated to Direct Feedback, please contact 247cooperative@springshare.com.