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Quality of Service: Send follow-up surveys to patrons after closing tickets

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To help you assess the quality of service (QoS) that you provide through LibAnswers, you can enable follow-up email surveys for a ticket queue. When enabled, a percentage of patrons will be sent an email containing a brief survey where they can rate their service and provide comments.

  • Recipients are selected at random from all tickets closed on each day. For example, if you select a frequency of 25% and 8 tickets were closed on the previous day, then LibAnswers were select 2 of those tickets.
  • Emails are sent approximately 24 hours after a ticket's status has been marked as Closed.
  • Surveys will only be emailed once per ticket. If a ticket has been closed and is later reopened, the patron will only ever receive a follow up user satisfaction survey once.

In each queue's settings, you can enable or disable follow-up surveys and customize the:

  • Percentage of closed tickets that receive a follow-up survey email (between 10% and 100%)
  • Introductory text/question for the survey
  • Rating scale, including the number of options and their labels
  • Template used to generate each email

Responses to the survey and aggregate totals are available in the Quality of Service stats, which you can find under the Stats menu of the LibAnswers navigation bar.

Access a queue's Quality of Service settings

Admin users (and Regular users who have Admin permission for the queue) can find a queue's Quality of Service settings via the Manage Queue page.

the Edit Queue icon for a queue

  1. Click on Admin in the LibAnswers navigation bar and select Queues from the dropdown.
  2. On the Manage Queue page, locate the queue you want to customize and click its Edit Queue () icon in the Actions column.

the Quality tab

  1. Click on the queue's Quality tab.
Please note: these settings only apply to the selected queue. To configure the quality of service settings for another queue, select it from the Switch to Queue dropdown at the top of the page.

Follow-up rating email frequency

In the Follow-up Rating Email Frequency panel, you can select the percentage of closed tickets that should receive a follow-up email. By default, the follow-up email is disabled for each queue.

the Follow-up Rating Email Frequency panel

  1. To enable follow-up emails, select the radio button next to the percentage of tickets that should receive an email. To disable them, select the "Do not send follow-up rating email" option.
  2. Click the Save button.

Rating settings

In the Ratings panel, you can customize the rating scale for your queue's survey. (To customize other aspects of the follow-up email, see the Follow-up email template section below.)

the Rating Settings panel

  1. In the Introduction Text text area, you can customize the question that displays above the rating options (e.g. "How would you rate your experience with our service?").
  2. For the Rating Scale Type, select the number of possible options patrons can choose from. For example, to provide a scale of 1 to 5, you would select the "1-5" option.
  3. For the Rating Label Type, you have two options:
    • Low and high: two labels will display. The Low Label displays next to the lowest rating, while the High Label displays next to the highest rating. You can customize these labels using the provided text fields.
    • Label all options: a label will display next to each option in the rating scale (i.e. if you selected the "1-4" scale, there would be 4 labels). You can customize each label using the provided text fields.
  4. Click the Save button.
    1. To preview how your rating scale will appear to patrons, click on the Preview Rating Scale button. The introduction text and rating scale will display in a modal window.

Preview a queue's survey form

When a patron receives a follow-up survey email, they will be prompted to select a rating using the scale you've configured (see Ratings settings above).

example survey email

When the patron clicks on a rating in the email, two things happen:

  • The rating is recorded in LibAnswers.
  • A survey form page opens in the user's browser, which confirms their choice and allows them to provide optional comments.

example survey form showing additional comments text area

In the Ratings panel, you'll find two buttons that allow you preview both the rating scale and comments form.

the Preview Survey Form and Preview Rating Scale buttons

  1. Preview Survey Form: click this button to preview the Additional Comments form (opens in a new browser window).
  2. Preview Rating Scale: click this button to preview how your rating scale will appear to patrons (opens in a modal window on the page).

Follow-up email template

The body and subject line of the follow-up email is generated using an email template. Each queue has its own set of templates for the various types of outgoing emails, such as ticket replies. You can view and customize a queue's email templates by clicking on the Email Templates tab.

The template used for follow-up emails is called Follow-up Rating Email. Learn more about customizing email templates...

the Follow-up Rating Email template

As with other email templates, tokens are used as placeholders for information contained in the ticket. For example, where the {{t.name}} token appears in the template, the name of the patron will appear in the actual email. A full list of available tokens is available while editing your template. However, with the follow-up email template, it's worth noting that the {{{ratingscale}}} token inserts both the introduction text and the rating scale into the email body.