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System Settings: Show or hide patron SMS numbers in your LibAnswers system

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LibAnswers Admins can toggle the Hide Patron SMS Numbers setting in the System Settings to show or hide the SMS number for patrons in the details of the tickets that have been submitted.

When this setting is set to No, the phone number for a patron will be visible in the Patron Info panel for SMS tickets and when viewing the User History for a patron (if the patron's contact information has an SMS number associated with it). When this setting is set to Yes to hide phone numbers "[Phone Number]" will be displayed in place of the patron's phone number.

To adjust the Hide Patron SMS Numbers setting:

  1. Go to Admin > System Settings.
  2. On the System Settings page, under the General tab, you'll find the Hide Patron SMS Numbers option in the Institution Information box. 
  3. Toggle the Hide Patron SMS Numbers option to either Yes or No.
    • Setting this option to Yes will hide the patron SMS numbers from displaying in LibAnswers.
    • Setting this option to No will make the phone number visible within LibAnswers.
  4. Click Save.

The Hide Patron SMS Numbers setting