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LibChat: Limit the visibility of transcripts & stats to a department's users

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Admin users with LibChat enabled can adjust the Chat Transcript Visibility setting to choose whether users with access to LibChat can view all transcripts, missed chats, and statistics for chats that are submitted to this system, or whether users should be limited to viewing only the transcripts, missed chats, and chat statistics for chats that are associated with the chat departments that the user is assigned to monitor.

Note: Admin level users can always view all transcripts, missed chats, and statistics.

To adjust the chat transcript visibility for your site:

  1. Navigate to Admin > LibChat Set-up.
  2. Click on the Settings tab.

Screenshot showing how to navigate to the LibChat Settings page

  1. In the Chat Transcript Visibility box, select the visibility for transcripts. Choose from:
    • All users can view all transcripts and chat statistics
    • Limit users to viewing just transcripts and statistics from departments they monitor
  2. Click Save

transcript visibility options for LibChat