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Tickets: View a ticket's metrics

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When viewing a ticket the Ticket Metrics panel will show you data related to interactions on the ticket, the timing of the first reply and closing the ticket, and follow-up feedback.

Data in the panel includes:

  • Total interactions: the number of times staff have interacted with this ticket. Interactions include:
    • Sending a reply to the patron
    • Leaving an internal note
    • Transferring a ticket to another queue or user
    • Changing a ticket's status without sending a reply‚Äč
  • Time to first reply (TTFR): the amount of time before the patron received an initial reply.
  • Time to close (TTC): the amount of time before the ticket was closed. 
    • If the ticket's status was updated to Closed more than once, the time of the latest update is used.
  • Feedback Survey: when the follow-up feedback survey is enabled for a queue, details on if a survey has been sent out and completed will be shown. If a survey has been completed, a "View Feeback" link to see the patron's response will also be listed.
the Ticket Metrics panel
The Ticket Answer Page with the Ticket Metrics box highlighted.

This data is aggregated for all tickets and made available to Admin users in the Quality of Service statistics.