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LibChat: Analyze chat monitoring coverage by department & user

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While the Who's Online feature allows admins to see who's currently monitoring which departments, the Coverage report provides historical chat monitoring data. This includes aggregate data by month, weekday, and hour, as well as a breakdown of monitoring time by user.

  • Admin-level users can view coverage data for all departments and users.
  • Regular-level users who are shared group admins can view coverage data for departments they belong to.

To access these stats, click on the LibChat menu and select Coverage.

the coverage option in the LibChat menu
Admins can access the Coverage report under the LibChat menu.

Generate a report

Under the Coverage tab, you can generate a report by first setting your filters.

  1. From the Department dropdown, either select a specific department to analyze, or select "All Depts" to view data from all departments.
  2. Use the Monitored From...To date pickers to set a date range to analyze.
    • Data is available from April 1, 2021 to the present, with a one-day delay.
    • This means that data from the current date will not be available until the following day (daily updates run at 19:00 UTC in the Asia/Pacific region and 7:00 UTC for all other customers).
  3. Click the Submit button to generate the report.
coverage report filters
You can filter the Coverage report by department and date range. Stats are available from April 1, 2021, when this feature was introduced.

Date/Time Report

Under the Date/Time Report tab, you'll find aggregate monitoring data for the selected department(s) and date range. This includes:

  • A summary of the total hours monitored, with breakdowns by weekdays and weekends.
  • The total number of chats answered.
  • Breakdowns by month, day of the week, and hour of the day. These include a summary table and accompanying column graph.

Users Report

Under the Users Report tab, you'll find a table listing the total number of minutes and hours that each user monitored chat for the selected department(s) and date range. The table also includes the total number of chats each user answered, as well.

For a user that has monitored chats during the date range, click on their name to launch the Chat Coverage Details modal window showing a detailed log of their chat activity. This is a table organized by chat session, with each row listing the:

  1. Start date & time (i.e. when they turned monitoring on for that department)
  2. End date & time (i.e. when they turned monitoring off for that department)
  3. The chat department they were monitoring during those times
    • If they were covering multiple departments at once, there will be one row for each department (likely with the same start and end times).
    • In the aggregated totals on the Users Report page, however, these times are condensed.
    • So, for example, if a user monitors 3 departments from 12pm-1pm, you'll see one row for each department in the Chat Coverage Details modal window, but that will only be counted as 1 total hour of coverage in the aggregated Users Report table.
  4. The total time monitored in hours & minutes
  5. The count of chats answered during that session

Chat coverage details are available for up to 3 months and are not delayed by one day like the aggregated reports.

the chat coverage details modal window
Clicking on a name in the User Name column will launch the Chat Coverage Details modal window. This shows a log of that user's chat sessions during the report period.

Export coverage reports

To export the currently filtered chat coverage report, click on the Export link at the top of the page. This will generate and download a CSV containing the data tables from your chat coverage report.

export link for a chat coverage report