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LibChat: View on-going chats in your LibAnswers system

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The New Chats tab on the LibAnswers dashboard (visible to any users with LibChat enabled) allows you to see a real-time snapshot of (up to) 50 of the most recent chats in progress in your LibAnswers system. After a chat has been claimed by an operator, and until the chat has ended, you will be able to view the chat from this tab. You will still need to launch the chat dashboard to interact with the chat operators/patrons, however, the New Chats tab allows you to more efficiently preview in-progress chats or even train new folks by allowing them to watch chats!

For users in a Shared Group Systems, the visible chats will be filtered to only show those that have originated from a chat widget with the same group member affiliation as the user.

And for systems that have set the Chat Transcript Visibility setting to limit transcripts to only the departments a user monitors, the New Chats tab will also only show regular users ongoing chats from their departments. (Admin users can still view all ongoing chats.)

To view ongoing chats:

  1. Click on the New Chats tab from the LibAnswers dashboard.
    • Any chats that have been claimed by a chat operator will be listed here, up to 50 chats.
    • Chats displayed here may not yet be indexed in the database to display in the LibChat > Transcripts page. To do things like editing or emailing a transcript, please go to the Transcripts page.
    • Refresh the page to check for newly claimed chats.
  2. Click on the Quick Transcript View () icon for the chat to see a real-time view of the chat's transcript.
    • If needed, tags can be assigned to the chat from the View Transcript modal.
    • Close the modal and open it again to see newly added messages in the chat.
viewing ongoing chats on the new chats tab