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Tickets & LibChat: View and manage your patrons' ticket and chat history

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Patron interactions are central to the core of LibAnswers and with the Patrons page, system-level admins can see a snapshot of which patrons are the most active in their system—showing ticket (email, SMS, and social) and chat totals. On this page, you also have the ability to edit patron records across all of their interactions in LibAnswers.

Viewing the Patrons history page

Edit a patron's contact information

Clicking on the Edit Patron () icon for a patron allows you to make modifications to their known contact information to adjust their email address, change their name, remove their SMS number, add a Twitter handle, etc. 

Options for viewing/editing a patron's record include:

  1. Name: submitted with any question form-based tickets. The field can be edited at any point.
  2. Email Address: the email address used for any email-based tickets is stored automatically.
  3. Identifier: this field can be used to store an ID or barcode number for the patron. 
  4. SMS Number: the number is stored automatically for SMS tickets and can be added from other tickets if you know the patron's number.
  5. Twitter: handles are stored automatically for Twitter-based tickets and can be added from other tickets.
  6. Facebook: the ID is stored automatically for Facebook-based tickets. If you know the patron's other contact information, add it to the Facebook ticket first.
  7. Click the Save for any fields that you want to add/update to the contact information for the patron.
  8. Click Remove to disassociate a field for the patron.
  9. Use the Associate with a known patron field to search for the email address of another patron to merge the patron being viewed into it.
    • When you're viewing a user that you know has submitted other tickets (SMS, email, Facebook, or Twitter-based) that are not currently showing up in this user's history you can merge their multiple patron records together.
    • Merging patrons will allow you to view the complete record of that patron's LibAnswers interactions with you all in one place.
editing a patron's contact information

View a patron's ticket and chat history

Clicking on the Patron History () icon for a patron allows you to see all of the tickets and chats submitted by the patron—including links out to each ticket and chat transcript. 

On the Patron History modal you can see: 

  1. Contact information for the patron, including an option to edit the existing contact information.
  2. Totals for tickets and chats from the patron.
  3. Links to tickets from the patron on the Tickets tab.
  4. Links to chats from the patron from the Chats tab.
viewing the ticket and chat history for an individual patron