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Shared Group Systems & LibChat: Set the default public FAQ group for co-ops to search within

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Sometimes, the best answer to a patron's question may be found in one of your existing FAQs. To help co-op librarians answer questions from your institution's patrons efficiently and effectively, Shared Group Systems (SGS) can designate a Default Public FAQ Group for each Group Member Library (GML) in the SGS. By designating default public FAQ groups for each Group Member Library, co-op librarians will be directed to immediately search within the FAQ group that includes information related to the Group Member Library that the chat originated from when chatting with the patron.

The FAQ group selected for a Group Member Library will be selected by default when searching for FAQs while chatting with the patron, but the co-op librarian can still choose to search within other public FAQ groups in the Shared Group System. 

The option to set a default FAQ group is only available for Shared Group Systems that participate in a co-op. And an alert indicating that no default group has been selected will display on the FAQs tab of the patron chat if the chat comes from a Group Member Library that doe not have a default group set. 

Reminder: Each GML also has a Group Member Policy FAQ group that is a special group that can only be searched by co-op staff, allowing you to share information that shouldn’t be shared with patrons.

To set the Default Public FAQ Group for a Group Member Library:

  1. Go to Admin > FAQ Groups.
  2. Find the group you want to select and click on its edit () icon in the Actions column.
  3. Under the General tab, click on the Co-Op panel to expand it.
  4. From the Default Public FAQ Group dropdown, select the Group Member Libraries that should use the group.
    1. Group Member Libraries that have already been associated with another FAQ group will be set to unavailable and can not be selected.
      • You must go to the FAQ group currently associated with the GML to remove the prior association.
  5. Click the Save button.
selecting the default public group for GMLs in an SGS