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Ref. Analytics & Queues: Adjust a queue's Ref. Analytics settings

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Each queue can be configured to have the Add to Ref. Analytics option turned on or off by default. When turned on, you can additionally choose the default dataset selection, with two options:

  • Configure the queue to show the user-level default dataset.
  • Alternatively, assign a specific dataset as the default for the whole queue, regardless of who is entering the transaction. This way, if the queue requires a certain dataset, the individual user will not need to update the dataset each time.

Note that when entering a transaction, a user can always change the specified dataset, so long as they have access to it. They are not locked into the default. But choosing the default for the queue can save your team time, plus help prevent the mistake of accidentally submitting transactions to the wrong dataset.

Example of a Ref. Analytics dataset being applied to a ticket.
An example of a specific Ref. Analytics dataset, along with its question fields, being activated by default on a ticket.

Set a queue's Ref. Analytics setting

  1. Go to Admin > Queues.
  2. Locate the queue you want to customize and click on its Edit () icon in the Actions column.
Clicking the Edit icon to manage a queue
  1. Under the General tab, in the Queue Settings for Ref. Analytics panel, choose whether you want Add to Reference Analytics By Default activated and click Save.
    • No: When selected, the Add to Analytics option for the tickets in this queue will default to Do not add to Analytics Dataset and all other dataset fields will be hidden.
    • Yes: When selected, the Add to Analytics option for the tickets in this queue will show the configured default dataset, with each dataset field appearing directly below it for the user to update.
  2. If Yes is selected above, you can set the Default Ref. Analytics Dataset and click Save.
    1. Use Individual Account Default: This option will show the dataset that is configured for each individual user.
    2. Choose a dataset: Datasets will be listed next in the dropdown. Choose the specific dataset that you would like set as the default for the queue regardless of the user who is responding. Note that if the user does not have access to your selected dataset, the user's default will be used instead.
    The Queue Setting options for Ref Analytics