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FAQs: View an FAQ's action log

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FAQs include an Action Log that lists changes made to the FAQ: when an action happened, who did the action, and what the action was. This allows you to determine responsibility for changes made to FAQs and to reconstruct previous versions if needed.

  1. Go to Tickets & FAQs > FAQ Knowledge Base.
  2. On the FAQ Entries tab, locate and click the question title of the desired FAQ.
Going in to edit an FAQ.
  1. In the FAQs details at the top, click the Action Log link.
The Action Log link in an FAQ's details bar.
  1. The Actions Log modal appears, showing each action. Click a column heading to sort by that column or use the Search option to filter results by keyword.
    1. Timestamp shows the date and time an action was made.
    2. Category shows the category of the action.
    3. Action briefly describes the change that was made.
    4. User shows the LibAnswers account that made the action.
    5. Additional Info shows details about the action, like the specific topics or keywords that were modified, content that was changed, etc.
Example of an Actions Log.