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Tickets (SMS): Convert an SMS ticket to an email ticket

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If a question comes in as an SMS message but the ideal follow-up is better suited to an email ticket, you can convert an SMS ticket into an email ticket. This allows both the ticket responder and the patron to give lengthier responses, format their text, and attach files, all while keeping the initial SMS conversation intact in the same ticket.

Please note that once you convert an SMS ticket to an email ticket, you cannot change it back.

  1. Click on the initial question's Action () button.
    • You can do this right when the ticket comes in (before responding via SMS at all), or at any time during the interaction.
  2. Select  Convert to Email Ticket from the dropdown menu.
Clicking Convert to Email Ticket on an SMS ticket.
  1. Enter the patron's Email.
    • If the patron's phone number is already associated with an email address in your system, that email will be auto-filled. You can update the email address if needed.
  2. Enter the patron's Name.
    • Likewise, if the patron's phone number is associated with a name in your system, that name will be auto-filled. You can update the name if needed.
  3. Click Convert.
    • The Create a Reply option will update to show the email ticket reply options, without the SMS character restriction and with the ability to format your text and attach files.
    • Any previous responses sent as SMS will be retained in the same, ongoing ticket.
    • If the patron replies via SMS after a ticket has been converted to an email ticket, this will create a new SMS ticket. As needed, convert the new SMS reply to an email ticket, as well, and then merge the tickets.
Converting an SMS to an email ticket.