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Tickets: Create relationships between tickets

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You can create relationships between tickets by adding cross-links between them to connect them together. This is useful when you have tickets that cover the same topic, whether by the same patron or different patrons. It may not make sense to fully merge the tickets together (especially when they're different patrons!). But you may still want to show that the tickets are related, so staff viewing a given ticket can quickly refer to the linked "related to" ticket to find relevant context and other helpful details.

As an alternative, you might use the internal note option to add links to relevant tickets, but using the ticket relationship feature has two advantages:

  • All related tickets are listed in the same place, in the Ticket Metrics box on the right side when viewing a ticket, eliminating the need to hunt through long ticket threads to find internal notes where they may be listed.
  • The "relate to" feature creates a two-way relationship with a single action—if you relate Ticket A to Ticket B, both will automatically show a link to the other, without needing to add it twice.
Related ticket example
An example of related tickets linked in a Ticket Metrics box.

Add a relationship between tickets

  1. Click on the Question Actions () button in the upper-right corner of the ticket's question.
  2. Select  Relate to from the dropdown menu.
Selecting Relate To from the Question Actions menu
  1. Enter keywords to Search for a Ticket. A list of suggestions that match your search terms will appear. If found, select the ticket.
    • You will see suggestions for tickets only within queues to which you have access.
  2. Alternatively, enter the Ticket ID.
  3. Click Submit.
    • The selected ticket will appear as a link in the Ticket Metrics box, next to Related to.
    • The "related to" ticket will also show the relationship on its end, by linking back to the original ticket in its own Ticket Metrics box.
Select the ticket to relate to.

Remove the relationship between tickets

If a relationship between tickets was added accidentally or is no longer needed, you can always delete the relationship.

Starting from either ticket included in the relationship:

  1. In the Ticket Metrics box on the right-hand side of the screen, click the ticket's ID from the Related To data.
  2. On the Preview Ticket modal, click the Remove Relationship button. 
removing the relationship between tickets