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Editing another LibApps user's profile page settings

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The Manage Accounts page allows LibApps admins to edit the profile page settings for any account in your LibApps system. This includes:

  • Showing or hiding the user's profile page (in LibGuides, this will remove the user's profile from the public Profiles page and "Your Friendly Librarians" box)
  • Customizing the user's personal statement
  • Redirecting the user's profile page to another URL (e.g. the user's page in your website's staff directory, their personal blog, or social media page)

To edit an account's information:

  1. From the LibApps dashboard, click on Admin from the command bar and choose Manage Accounts.
  2. Click on the Manage Account () icon in the Actions column for the account you want to edit.

edit the information for a LibApps account, step 1

  1. On the Manage Account page, click on the Profile Page tab to customize the following options:
    1. If you do not want to display a profile page for this user, set the Profile Page option to Disabled. Otherwise, leave it set to Enabled.
    2. Click on the Personal Statement field if you'd like to add an introduction or brief bio to the user's profile page.
    3. If you would prefer to redirect users to a different page (such as a social media page or staff directory page), click on the Redirect URL and enter that page's URL.
  2. Use the Page Preview area to see how the user's profile page will look.

Options under the Profile Page tab