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LTI: Add the Single-Course (Manual) 1.0 LTI tool to Blackboard

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The Single-Course LTI tool (formerly known as the Manual LTI tool) allows you to embed Guide content, Database links, and/or E-Reserves Courses into Blackboard.

As with most instructions for other vendors' products, instructions may be a bit different, depending on the version of Blackboard you're using. The general idea of the thing should hold true, though:

  • First, you need to set up the Tool Provider as an approved provider.
  • Next, you need to set up the Placements: where in the system can folks use this tool?

LibApps: Get the Configuration Information

The LibApps LTI Tool is available to CMS and E-Reserves subscribers. You must be a LibApps Admin to get the configuration information for your system.

You'll need to provide your Blackboard admins with this configuration information for the Single-Course tool or create them an account in one of your Springshare apps and make them a LibApps Admin.

  1. Go to the LibApps Dashboard.
    • Log in using your LibApps login URL, or
    • Log into any of your Springshare products, click the blue menu on the left, and choose LibApps.
  2. Go to Admin > LTI Tool Builder.
    • LibApps Admins can access this area. If you are on the LibApps dashboard and do not see an Admin menu, you are not a LibApps Admin.
  3. Click the View/Edit Tool () icon for the Version 1.0 Single-Course tool.
getting to the configuration options for a version 1.0 single-course tool, part 1
  1. Click on the Configuration tab. Send your Blackboard admins the following fields:
    • LTI Launch URL
    • LTI Consumer Key
    • LTI Shared Secret

You do not need the Config URL for Blackboard.

getting to the configuration options for a version 1.0 single-course tool, part 2

Set Up the Tool Provider

  1. From the Blackboard Administrator Panel, select LTI Tool Providers.
  2. Select Register LTI 1.1 Provider.
  3. Fill out the form:
    1. Provider Domain Status Section:
      • Provider Domain: LTI Consumer Key
      • Provider Domain Status: Approved
    2. Default Configuration Section:
      • Default Configuration: Set Globally
      • Tool Provider Key: LTI Consumer Key
      • Tool Provider Secret: LTI Shared Secret
    3. Organization Policies Section:
      • Send User Data: Send user data only over SSL
      • User Fields to Send: Constituency in Course (Required for the selection screen to display for instructors / other course editors. Other fields are up to you.)
Blackboard Tool Provider form
  1. Click Submit.

Add Placements

The type of placement you use in Blackboard makes a big difference in how you can use the Single-Course tool. In most cases, you'll likely choose between the Course Content Tool and Course Tool types. According to the Blackboard Learns documentation:

  • Course content tool: Allow instructors to add the tool to their course content.
    • Allows grading: Allow instructors to add grading features such as due date and points possible to the tool.
  • Course tool: The tool appears to instructors and course builders in the Course Management section of an Original course and in the Books & Tools menu of an Ultra course.
    • Allow student access: When selected student can access the tool in the student Tools menu. Add a description to help student understand what the tool is and what it does.

If you add it as Course Content Tool, you can use the tool multiple times in a single course. So you could add a link to a guide, a link to a set of Databases, and a link to an E-Reserves course.

If you add it as Course Tool, the tool appears to instructors and course builders in the Course Management section of an Original course and in the Books & Tools menu of an Ultra course. This may make more sense as an alternate option to putting the Automagic tool in the Course Navigation, but for the Single-Course tool, using the Course Content Tool type may be a more flexible option.

  1. From the LTI Tool Providers page in Blackboard, open the menu for the tool you just added and choose Manage Placements.
  2. Click Create Placement.
  3. Fill out the placement information fields:
    • Label: Name as you'd like it to appear in the course options.
    • Handle: Unique identifier for the placement.
    • Availability: Set to "Yes" to make the placement available to course builders and instructors.
    • Type: Select the preferred type (i.e. Course Content Tool or Course Tool).
  4. Fill out the Tool Provider Information fields using the Single-Course Tool information in your LibApps LTI Tool Builder settings:
    • Tool Provider URL: For this, use the LTI Launch URL provided in the LibApps LTI Tool Builder settings.
placement information and tool provider information fields
  1. Click Submit.

Find the Tool in Blackboard

When using the Single-Course LTI tool in a Blackboard course, you'll find it in any area that has a Build Content menu (e.g., Content, Information). The name of the tool in the menu is the name you gave it when adding the Placement in the section above.

Check out our Display LibGuides content (guides, databases, or E-Reserves) using the (Manual) Single-Course LTI tool FAQ for more on selection options for various types of content.