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Systems: Update a system's name and admin email address

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For most systems, the system name will be used in the title of public pages, in breadcrumbs, and elsewhere. 

A system's admin email address is used as the primary contact for that system. This will be the person we contact with important updates about that system. 

As a LibApps admin, you can easily manage both of these from within the Domains and Certificates settings.

  1. From the LibApps Dashboard, go to Admin > Domains & Certificates.
Navigating to the Domains and Certificates page
  1. Find the system you want to configure and click on its Manage Domain () icon in the Actions.
Editing a system
  1. On the Manage Domain page, change the System Name to rename that system.
  2. Change the Admin Email to designate that system's primary contact.
  3. Click the Save button.
Saving changes to a system and email