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Customizing the login form

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Getting there

  1. From the LibApps Dashboard, go to Admin > LibAuth Authentication.
  2. Click on the Edit () icon in the Action column for the configuration you want to manage.

Editing a LibAuth configuration

  1. Click on the Login Form tab.

Clicking the Login Form tab

Customizing the login page

When using certain authentication types such as LDAP or SIP2, users will be prompted to log in via a Springshare-hosted page. If you'd like, you can customize the appearance of the login page using the following options:

  1. Login Page Title: this is the text that appears in the login page's header.
  2. Custom JS/CSS Code: if you'd like to customize the styles of the page (such as text or background colors), enter your CSS code here. You can also include JavaScript code.
    • When adding CSS code, be sure to enclose it in <style></style> tags.
    • When adding JavaScript (JS) code, be sure to enclose it in <script></script> tags.
  3. Text of the on-screen instructions for the user: you can customize the instructions that appear above the Username and Password fields on the login page.
  4. Username Label: customize the label of the Username field.
  5. Password Label: customize the label of the Password field.
  6. Label for the Login Button: customize the text that appears in the Login button.
  7. Login Failure Message: customize the message that displays on the page if the user's login was unsuccessful.
  8. To preview your login form, click on the Open Preview Window link.
  9. Save your changes to the login form by clicking the Save Login Form button.

Example of options for customizing the login form