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Customizing your profile page

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Your profile page displays all of the information from your profile box, in addition to:

  • An optional personal statement
  • A list of all of the guides you own in LibGuides
  • Any LibGuides subject categories to which you're assigned as an expert

To customize your profile page:

  1. Navigate to LibApps.
    • If the blue button in your command bar does not say LibApps (e.g. it says "LibGuides" or "LibCal"), click on it and select "LibApps" from the dropdown.
    • You can use this same button to navigate back once you've finished customizing your profile page.
  2. Click on  My Profile in the command bar.
  3. Click on the Profile Page tab.
  4. Use the Page Settings to configure your profile page:
    1. If you do not want to display a profile page, set the Profile Page option to Disabled. Otherwise, leave it set to Enabled.
    2. Click on the Personal Statement field if you'd like to add an introduction or brief bio to your profile page.
    3. If you would prefer to redirect users to a different page (such as a social media page or staff directory page), click on the Redirect URL and enter that page's URL.
  5. Use the Page Preview area to see how your profile page will look.

Customizing the profile page settings