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Displaying E-Reserves content using the Manual LTI tool

Embedding an E-Reserves Course means that the course page appears in your LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, Moodle, Sakai, etc.) almost exactly as it appears on your LibGuides site / within a guide page. There are a couple of differences:

  • If there is a password on the course and/or item(s), users are not asked to input it before content displays. They've already authenticated by logging into the LMS and having access to the course, so why ask them to authenticate again? :)
  • The boxes in the right hand column on your LibGuides site do not display. E-reserves folder / link content is all that displays.

Getting Started:

For most LMSes, adding a manual tool link is a 2-step process. (This is based on how the LMS works, not the LTI Tool.) So the first two steps, regardless of the content you want to choose, are usually:

  1. Use whatever process your LMS uses to add a link to a section in the course site, selecting your Manual Tool wherever appropriate and giving it whatever name you'd like.
  2. If the LibApps selection box does not automatically appear (it may not!), click the link you just added.
    • The first time you click the link, you'll simply be at the selection screen.
    • Subsequent clicks will give you the option to display the content or edit the content. Editing the content will remove the previous selection, so you can make a new selection.
    • Your students will only ever see the content, not the option to display vs. edit the content. You are seeing those options because you have the ability to add/edit/manage content within that course.

Now let's talk about the actual selection screen options:

  • LibGuides Site: Choose your site.
  • Content Type: Choose E-Reserves > Course Page.
  • Course: Select the course you want to display when users click the link.
    • Note: Only courses within visible terms are displayed in the list. Don't see your course? Check the term visibility in your LibGuides system.
    • Tip: Use the box at the top to filter the list by course name or number!
  • Click Embed Content.


See what an E-Reserves course display looks like in Blackboard.

Selection options for embedding an E-Reserves course.

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