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Customizing Manual LTI tool setup options

Most of the "customizations" you'll want to make with the Manual LTI tool involve content selections, which are explained in other FAQs. There are a few options that LibApps Admins can modify in relation to the display of the Manual tool, though!

Change Name / Description Before Adding to Your LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, Moodle, Sakai, etc.):

If the Name and/or Description are not modified before you add it to your LMS, you cannot change it later without removing / re-adding it to your LMS. Depending on the LMS and how it works, these fields may or may not display. Some LMS systems allow you to set a name as you're adding it to the system. Please work with your LMS Admins to determine what name displays for your system.

Change These At Any Time:

  • Custom Header / Footer: This either displays or hides your LibGuides header & footer when content is displayed within your LMS. When enabled, header / footer is displayed for the following selections:
    • Full Guide, Guide Page
    • Full A-Z List, Databases for Specific Subject + Subject Specialists
    • E-Reserves Course.
  • Custom JS/CSS: This either applies or removes the custom JS/CSS from your system when displaying content within your LMS. When enabled, Custom JS/CSS is applied to the following selections:
    • Full Guide, Guide Page, Content Box
    • Full A-Z List, Databases for Specific Subject + Subject Specialists
    • E-Reserves Course

Getting There & Making Changes:

LibApps Admins can access this area; if you are in LibApps and do not see an Admin menu, you are not a LibApps Admin.

  1. Get to LibApps - either:
    • Log in using your LibApps login URL, or
    • Log into any of your Springshare products, click the blue menu on the left, and choose LibApps.
  2. Go to Admin > LTI Tool Builder.
  3. On the LTI Manual Mode tab, click the LTI Manual Setup Options section to expand the setup options.
  4. Modify options:
    • Name & Description: Click the text with the dashed underline to make it editable; modify the text and click the blue checkmark to save.
    • Custom Header / Footer and Custom JS/CSS: These options are Disabled by default; Click Enabled to change / save the selection. (If you'd enabled them in the past, click Disabled to change / save the selection.)

Setup Options area for the Manual LTI Tool

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