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I subscribe to LibGuides - can I use the LTI Tool?

LibGuides CMS is required to use the full LibApps LTI functionality, though if you subscribe to base LibGuides and the E-Reserves module, you can use the LibApps LTI tool to embed E-Reserves course content within your Learning Management System (Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle, Sakai, etc.).

If you don't currently subscribe to LibGuides CMS, check out all of the reasons you should!

Here's a breakdown of what areas of the LTI tool can be used, based on LibGuides subscription level:

Item LibGuides LibGuides CMS
Manual: Guide Content
(Full guide, guide page, content box)
Manual: A-Z Databases ✔︎
Manual: E-Reserves Courses* ✔︎* ✔︎*
Automagic ✔︎** ✔︎

* Must subscribe to the E-Reserves module.
** Matching for E-Reserves content only. Must subscribe to the E-Reserves module.

The Automagic tool's LTI Library Page also integrates widgets from LibAnswers and LibCal. Subscriptions to those apps are required to use those options.

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