Can I use both the Manual and Automagic LTI Tools in the same system at the same time?

Absolutely! The Manual and Automagic tools can be used separately or together - whatever you decide is right for you. Your Learning Management System (LMS) admins would simply set one or both tools up in the system. (LMS examples include Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle, and Sakai.)

The Manual Tool allows you to manually select an item to display within the course:

  • Guide content options: Full guide, single page within a guide, single content box.
  • A-Z Database content options: All A-Z Databases, Databases + Specialists for a subject, Databases (list only) from a subject, a single Database, the Popular and New / Trial boxes.
  • E-Reserve course.

The Automagic Tool allows for automatic matching of LibGuides content to the course. You'll modify the setup options in LibApps, add metadata to LibGuides, and watch the magic happen. LMS users click the link and are automatically served up the right content for the course they're in - related guides, E-Reserves courses, links to database lists limited by subject, and additional (optional) widgets from LibAnswers and LibCal.

Note: If you have LibGuides vs. LibGuides CMS, the above is available only for E-Reserves content if you subscribe to E-Reserves.

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