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Can I install multiple Manual and/or Automagic tools in my system? We have multiple subscriptions to LibGuides at my institution and want to use LTI for all of our systems.

Yes, you can! What exactly this means / how it is going to work in your Learning Management System (LMS - e.g., Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle, Sakai) depends on how things are set up in our database.

Each subscription is listed under its own Customer Record

This means that each of your subscriptions is "separate" from the other. You have different LibApps URLs and even if you have an account in each system, you cannot jump between them using the blue LibApps menu.

If this is the case at your institution:

  • Each subscription will have separate configuration information for adding the tools to your LMS.
  • Each subscription can use the Automagic tool.

This setup is great if each subscription wants to use the Automagic tool or if you want to set up different tools in different sections of your LMS.

For example, a large University with multiple Schools might install the main library's LTI tools in one sub-account / org unit (or whatever term your LMS uses), the Business school's in another, and the Law school's in another. This ensures that the content added to each course relates only to that school / LibGuides subscription.

Each subscription is set up under the same Customer Record

This means that all subscriptions are grouped together under the same LibApps URL. If you have an account in more than one system, you log in using the same username/password and can use the blue LibApps menu to switch between the sites.

If this is the case at your institution:

  • The Manual tool's Site dropdown will list all sites; a site must be selected before content can be selected.
  • The Automagic tool can only be used by a single site, which you'll select in the setup options.
    If you want to use the Automagic tool with more than one site, you'll need to work with our support team to separate the sites out into their own Customer Records.

This does not affect sites using the same system and separating campus / branch libraries using the LibGuides CMS Groups functionality. All Groups are in a single system, so you have one Manual and one Automagic tool available for all Groups.

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