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Adding optional catalog and discovery layer info to your LibApps customer record

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The Manage Customer Record page (visible only to LibApps admins) will show you that information that Springshare has on file for your institution as well as giving you a space to optionally add information about the library systems that you subscribe to for your records.

For the Library Systems you can add more information about the catalog and discovery layer vendors that you use.

  1. From the LibApps dashboard, click on Admin from the command bar and choose Manage Customer Record.
  2. In the Library Systems box, you can change:
    1. Catalog Vendor: Choose the vendor for your catalog from the dropdown list.
    2. Catalog URL: Set the URL for your catalog.
    3. Discover Layer Vendor: Choose the vendor for your discovery layer from the dropdown list.
    4. Discovery Layer URL: Set the URL for your discovery layer.

optionally add your catalog and discovery layer vendor information