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How do I add or remove a user account from LibApps?

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The Admin > Manage Accounts on the LibApps command bar is not the place to create accounts for people to have editing rights to any product. Nor is it where you would remove an account's access to a product.

In order to grant, take away, or alter the level of access to any person in any of the Springshare applications, you will need to go to that product's dashboard via blue the Spring To menu in the top-left corner of the command bar. And from there go the Admin > Manage Accounts to go to that system's accounts management area. You can find more info for each product in the Related Links section to the right.

Tip: LibApps Admins can use the Site Count column to know exactly which sites an account needs to be added to / removed from.

A user has accounts under different email addresses. Can I combine them?

Sorry, but it's not possible to merge two user accounts together. If a user has LibApps accounts under multiple email addresses but wants to use only one of them, here's what you'll need to do:

  1. The user should choose which email address they want to use for their LibApps login going forward.
  2. Next, a LibApps Admin should log into LibApps and go to Admin > Manage Accounts.
  3. Look for the user's other email addresses/accounts. You can filter the list by email address, first name, and/or last name.
  4. Click on the Site Count link to see which of your LibApps that account has access to.
  5. An Admin for each of those apps will need to log in, go to the manage accounts page (usually Admin > Accounts in each app), and do the following:
    1. Add a new account for the user's preferred email address. (You can find more info for each product in the Links & Files section below.)
    2. Once the new account is added, remove the account under the other email address(es).
    3. When removing an account, you may be prompted to transfer its content to another user. If so, select the user's new account as the recipient.
      • In LibCal, please note that this process does not include Appointments. As a result, if the old account was being used for scheduling appointments, you will need to manually recreate future availability times in the new account. You can also edit any future appointments and reassign them to the new user manually. This must be done before removing the old account(s). To retain records & stats of the user's past appointments, consider setting the user's old account(s) to Inactive rather than removing them entirely. Alternatively, you could also export the user's appointments data to CSV via the Appointments Booking Explorer.
      • In LibStaffer, we recommend that you reassign the user's shifts to their new account before deleting the old one. That way, it'll be easier to find the user in your schedules and update accordingly.
  6. Once that's been done for each app, the user should be left with only a single LibApps account in your system.