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What are search sources?

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Search sources allow you to to include results from multiple sources on your LibGuides and LibAnswers search result pages. Beyond LibGuides and LibAnswers search sources, you can set up the A-Z Database list, LibCal, Ebsco Discovery, and any custom search sources that you want to set up.

  • The search sources tell your various Springshare products what the possibilities are in terms of setting up the search results pages in each system. While you don't have to set up search sources for LibGuides, A-Z Database List, LibAnswers, or LibCal, we recommend that you do so in order to take advantage of additional functionality, like customized relevance ranking.
  • Custom search sources are, well...custom. You'll need to look at your vendor's API documentation or work with their support team to get the information you need to create the custom search. We can help with troubleshooting (probably along with your vendor), but we're not versed in setting up a custom search for every possible option out there (if only!), so we do have to ask you to check out their documentation for setting it up.
  • Any search sources that are set up will be available to all of your Springshare products, and then inside every individual system, the admins can decide which of these sources to include.

LibApps Admin users can add, edit, and remove search sources by going to LibApps > Admin > Manage Search Sources.

Displaying search sources as tabs or bento boxes

You can customize your search results pages in LibGuides and LibAnswers to have one of two layouts (each system is customized separately):

  • The Tabbed Search layout displays results & facets (if available) on a single page, with tabs at the top for each search source you included so folks can view the results from each source separately.
  • The Bento Search layout allows you to select sources whose results will appear in a box, and you can have up to 3 columns of boxes, so folks can see results from multiple sources all on one page. There's a "See More" link at the bottom of each box which will take the user to a search results page from that single source with the results from that source if they decide they just want to look at that one source.

Your LibGuides and LibAnswers Admin users can customize these pages to include or exclude any of your available LibApps search sources.

Tabbed Example

Bento Example