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Add or edit a LibAnswers search source

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  1. From the LibApps dashboard, go to Admin > Search Sources.
  2. Click the  Add Search Source button or click the Edit Source () icon in the Actions column to configure an existing search source.

configuring a LibAnswers FAQs search source step 1

  1. On the Add/Edit Search Source page, configure general settings for the LibAnswers site. Including:
    1. Name: appears on the search results page. For the Tabbed search, it's the name of the tab. For the Bento search, it's the name of the box.
    2. Description (optional): appears above the search results.
    3. Display facet limiters (i.e. subjects, tags, etc.): check the box below the Description to display facet limiters (e.g., subjects, tags, etc.) on the right-hand side of the results screen.
  2. If desired, adjust the Search Field Weight. The search field weighting takes the number of occurrences of the search term and (based on the location of the term) multiplies that by the field weight you set here. The weights are relative to each other and there is a wide span of possible values, from 0.1 to 9.9. For example, if you want to make the Question field far more relevant than the Details field, you might give the Question field a value of 5 and the Details field a value of 0.2. That will make the Question field 25x more relevant than the detais added to the FAQs in the search rankings. The best way to see what relevancy ranking works for you is to try it.
    1. Question: This field consists of the question text for the FAQ.
    2. Details: This field consists of the extra details (optionally) added for an FAQ.
    3. Topics: This field consists of the topics assigned to an FAQ.
    4. Keywords: This field contains the keywords added to an FAQ.
    5. Answer: This field indexes everything on the page, including all page content.
  3. Click Save.

configuring a LibAnswers FAQs search source step 2