Add, edit, and remove guide metadata

When using the Automagic LTI Tool, guides are matched to courses based upon their metadata. From within the LTI Tool Builder, you can actually add, edit, or remove this metadata all in one place. (You can also manage metadata within LibGuides itself.)

Getting there

  1. Navigate to LibApps.
  2. Go to Admin > LTI Tool Builder.
    • NOTE: only admins can access the LTI Tool Builder settings.
    • If you do not see the Admin menu, then you do not have admin permissions.
  3. Click on the Guide Metadata tab.

Navigating to the LTI Tool Builder settings

The Guide Metadata tab

Adding metadata to a guide

  1. Click on the  Add Metadata button.
  2. In the Add/Edit Metadata window, select the guide to which to add the metadata.
  3. The Metadata Name field will automatically be set to the LibGuides Metadata Name value from your Automagic Tool settings.
  4. In the Metadata Value field, enter the value for this metadata. This will be the value used to match the guide to your LMS course numbers.
  5. If you would like to include this metadata in a <meta> tag on the public guide page, set the Public? option to Enabled. Otherwise, leave this set to Disabled.
    • When metadata is public, it will be able to be picked up by search engines and other indexing tools.
    • You do not need to make this metadata public in order to use it with the LTI tool.
  6. Click the Save button.

The Add Metadata button

Adding metadata to a guide 

Edit and delete metadata

  1. Sort or filter the Metadata ValueGuide ID, and Guide Name columns to more quickly find the metadata you want to change.
  2. To edit a metadata value and its visibility, click on its Edit () icon in the Actions column.
    • You cannot change which guide it's assigned to from this page.
    • Instead, delete the metadata for the current guide and add new metadata for the other guide.
  3. To remove a metadata value from a guide, click on its Delete () icon in the Actions column.

Options to edit and delete metadata

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