Previewing / Testing the Library LTI Page

Previewing your Library LTI Page allows you to see how your LTI page will look in your LMS when using the Automagic tool. Not only will this show you how your content columns will appear, but it also allows you to test out specific metadata matches. For example, if you wanted to see if the right guides and subjects are being returned for a particular LTI parameter, you can enter it on the Preview page to see the results.

Please note: currently, if you have enabled the "When no matches are found, display the following guide" checkbox in your Content Display Behavior options, you will not be able to preview the Library LTI Page. You will need to temporarily disable that option first; once you've finished previewing the page, you can then enable it again.
  1. Navigate to LibApps and go to Admin > LTI Tool Builder.
  2. Click on the LTI Automagic tab.
  3. Click on the Library LTI Page Builder panel to expand it.
  4. Under the Preview Library LTI Page section, click on the Preview Page button.
  5. To test a specific parameter, enter it in the LTI Parameter Value field and click the Test button.
    • The content on the page will update automatically, based upon your parameter matching, content display behavior, and content column settings.
    • If you are not seeing the content you're expecting, double check your LTI Tool settings and guide/subject/course metadata.

The Preview Page button in the Library LTI Page Builder

Testing parameter matching on the Preview Page

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