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Events: Creating and manage event templates

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What are event templates?

An event template allows you to create blueprints for new events. If you find yourself creating similar types of events, such as events with the same times, campus, description, etc., you can create an event template to save all of that information. Then, you create those types of events in the future, you won't have to retype or copy & paste that same info over and over. It can be a huge time saver!

Only admins can create event templates, but anyone can use them when creating a new event. Just select the template you want to use from the dropdown in the Add New Event modal. The info from that template will automatically be copied into your new event, so all you have to do is fine-tune it.

Example of creating an event from a template
Creating an event from a template

Create a new template from scratch

  1. Go to Admin > Events from the command bar.
  2. Click the Create New Template button.
creating a new event template from scratch, part 1
  1. On the Create New Template page, set the Template Name. This is how others will know what the template is for when creating their events.
  2. Configure the  Event TimeTitle & Event InfoEvent Details, and Event Registration settings as needed.
    • Everything you select here will be applied to new events created with this template, but can be changed by the event organizer. See the links below for info about the available options.
      • Event Date/Time: includes the Start Time, End Time, Setup Padding, Teardown Padding, and All Day Event options.
      • Title & Event Info: includes the Title, Description, More Info, and Featured Image URL options.
      • Event Details: includes the Campus, Event Organizer, Presenter, Audiences, Category, Color, and Internal Tags options.
        • Please note that the Location cannot be predefined in an event template since it may not always be available when an event is created.
      • Event Registration: includes the Registration is Required (and all registration settings), Send Email Reminder, and Send Follow-up Email/Survey options.
    • Note: if you change a template later on, those changes will not be applied retroactively to existing events.
  3. Click the Save and Exit button.
Options on the Create New Template page

Create a new template from an existing event

Instead of creating a new template from scratch, you can create a template from an existing event. This will copy over the relevant info from that event into a new template, which you can then customize as needed.

  1. When editing your calendar, click on an event to view its details.
Clicking on an event in a calendar
  1. Click on the down arrow () portion of the Modify Event button.
  2. Select Create Template from Event from the dropdown menu.
    • Note​: this option is only available to Admin users.
Selecting the Create Template form Event option
  1. Make any changes to the template as needed.
  2. Click the Save and Exit button.
Saving the new template

Manage event templates

  1. Go to Admin > Events from the command bar.
  2. Under the Event Templates tab, you'll see a list of all existing templates, including any categories, audience types, and/or internal tags assigned to them.
    1. To edit a template, click on the Edit () icon in the Actions column.
      • Note​: changes you make will only apply to new events created with this template -- they will not be retroactively applied to existing events.
    2. To delete a template, click on the Delete​ () icon in the Actions column.
      • This will only delete the template -- it will not delete any events created from it.
Options under the Event Templates tab