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System Settings: Enable or disable search engine indexing and community sharing

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Getting there

To manage your access rules and privacy settings, go to Admin > System Settings > Access/Indexing Rules.

Navigating to the Access Rules & Privacy page

Indexing and Community Settings

These settings allow you to control the discoverability of your system, including whether or not your LibCal site's content can be indexed by search engines, such as Google. They also allow you to control whether or not your site will appear on the LibCal Community page, as well, which provides a searchable directory of all LibCal systems.

  1. For the Site indexing field, in the Indexing and Community Settings panel, select the option you want to use.
    • Allow All: this will enable search engine indexing and include your site in the LibCal Community.
    • No Index: this will disable search engine indexing, but still include your site in the LibCal Community.
    • No Index, No Community: this will disable search engine indexing and exclude your site from the LibCal Community.
  2. Click Save
Example of the Indexing and Community settings