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System Settings: Ban an email address from submitting registration, appointment, or booking forms

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Getting there

To manage your access rules and privacy settings, go to Admin > System Settings > Access/Indexing Rules.

Navigating to the Access Rules & Privacy page

Banned Email List

If for any reason you need to ban a person from using LibCal, you can add their email address to the Banned Email List. When added to the list, that email address will be prevented from registering for calendar events, making appointments, and booking rooms & equipment.

  1. Click on the Add new Email Address button.

Screenshot of the Add New Email Address button

  1. In the Ban this Email field, enter the email address you want to ban.
  2. In the Reason field, you can enter an optional note. This can be helpful so you can record why the address is being blocked.
  3. Click the Ban this Email button.

Example of banning an email address 

Removing an address from the Banned Email List

  1. Click on the Delete Email () icon in the Actions column.

Example of removing an address from the Banned Email List