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Email Settings: Customize the Reply-To address for outgoing LibCal emails

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Getting there

To manage your email settings, go to Admin > System Settings > Email Settings.

Navigating to the Email Settings page

Reply-To email address

When using the default email sending method, all outgoing emails will be sent from alerts@mail.libcal.com. This is done to ensure that the "FROM" email address matches the domain name of our email server, which helps prevent our notifications from being flagged as potential spam. (If you're using SMTP, then the address you specified in your settings will be used as the "FROM" address.)

Because this address is unmonitored, we recommend entering an email address to use as the "REPLY-TO" for your outgoing messages. That way, if a patron tries to reply to a notification (such as a room booking confirmation), the reply will be sent to a local address that you monitor. (If you're using SMTP, it's best to use the same address from your settings as the "REPLY-TO" address.)

  1. Click on the text in the "Reply-To" Email field.
  2. A text field will appear. Enter the email address you want to use and save your changes.
    • Pro tip: Consider using a generic or shared email address so multiple people can monitor any replies.

Example of the "Reply-To" Email setting