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Look & Feel: Add custom JavaScript and CSS code to your public pages

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Getting there

To customize your LibCal look and feel options, go to Admin > Look & Feel > Look and Feel.

Navigating to the Look and Feel page

Custom JS/CSS Code

This setting allows you to add custom JavaScript and CSS code to your public LibCal pages. The code you enter here will be included within the <head></head> tags of each page. When adding code, be sure that your CSS code is contained within <style></style> tags and your JavaScript code is contained within <script></script> tags. You can also include <meta> and <link> elements, too.

Important: LibCal already loads jQuery on every page. Please do not include any <script> elements that attempt to load jQuery, too, as it will create errors and cause jQuery-powered elements to stop working.
  1. In the Code Customizations box, enter your JavaScript and/or CSS code in the Custom JS/CSS Code text area.
  2. Click the Save button.

Example of adding custom JavaScript & CSS code