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Managing locations for calendar events

  1. Go to Admin > Calendars from the command bar.
  2. Click on the Locations tab to view a list of all existing event locations and their current status.
    1. To edit the name or status the location, click on the Edit () icon in the Actions column. 
      • Active locations will be listed when selecting a location for an event.
      • Inactive locations will not be listed when selecting a location for an event. If you change a location from Active to Inactive, it will remain assigned to any existing events currently using it and their corresponding statistics.
    2. To delete a location, click on the Delete () icon in the Actions column.
      • If there are any events assigned to the location that was deleted, you will be prompted to transfer those events to another location or to set them as having 'No Location.'


When you delete a location, this will remove it from all of your events and statistics, so be careful!

Options under the Locations tab

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