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Adding and managing exceptions to a library or department's hours

An exception allows you to override a library or department's opening hours for just a single date. Once the exception expires, your library or department will automatically resume its originally scheduled hours. This allows you to easily adjust your opening hours schedule for days where you are closed or have adjusted hours, such as holidays.

Adding and managing exceptions

  1. Go to Admin > Hours.
  2. Under the Libraries tab, click on the  Exceptions link for the library or department you want to edit.
  3. In the Add/View Exception Dates window, use the Date of Exception field to select the date to which this exception applies.
  4. From the Opening Hours are dropdown, select the type of opening hours to apply on the exception date.
    • Closed: select this option if you are closed for the entire day.
    • Open 24 Hours: select this option if you are open for the entire day.
    • By Appointment: select this option to display "By Appointment" for that day instead of an opening and closing time.
    • Custom Time: select this option to display a specific opening time and closing time for that day.
      1. Use the Open from and Closing fields to select your opening and closing times for the exception date.
      2. Click the Add second set of times button to add two opening and closing times for that day (e.g. if you are closed for lunch, you could be select 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm).
    • ‚ÄčCustom Text: select this option to display some text for that day instead of an opening and closing time.
  5. Use the Note/Message field to add a note to this exception.
    • If using the Custom Text opening hours option, the text you enter here will display on your public schedule.
  6. From the Copy To dropdown, select which locations this exception should apply to.
    • This Location Only: the exception will be applied only to the current library or department.
    • Copy to all in the same Location: the exception will be applied to the current library and all its departments.
    • Copy to all Locations & Departments (system wide): this exception will be applied to all libraries and departments in your LibCal Hours module.
  7. Click the Add New Exception button.
Note: if you add an exception to a date not included in an opening hours schedule, your exception will not display -- that date will still appear as closed.

Managing exceptions

  1. Upcoming exceptions will appear at the top of the Add/View Exception Dates window.
    1. Click the  Show Older Exceptions button to view past exceptions.
    2. Click on an exception's trash can () button to delete it. This cannot be undone so be careful!
Note: if you copied an exception to multiple libraries and departments, those exceptions are not linked. As a result, to delete all copies of that exception, you will need to edit each library and department individually.

Selecting Hours from the Admin menu

Clicking on a library's Exceptions link

The Add/View Exception Dates window

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