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Spaces & Equipment: Create and manage space / equipment booking forms and questions

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Booking forms are what patrons submit in order to place a booking. When a user submits a booking, they're required to enter their name and email address by default. However, if you'd like to gather more information from users, you can create customized booking forms with additional questions. For example, you could add fields for gathering a patron's phone number or ID number, or you could ask patrons if they need any amenities for spaces, help with equipment, or just general feedback.

You can apply booking forms to entire locations, and/or individual categories, spaces, & items. When a location, category, and/or item/space have a booking form assigned to it, the questions in each will combined into a single form for the patron to fill out. Although there's no limit to the number of questions you can add to a form, try to limit the number of required fields -- too many fields can turn away some users.

Data from your booking forms will be displayed in the booking's details throughout the Equipment and Spaces module. This includes the Booking Explorer, where you can also filter bookings by form responses. They're even included in your Booking Explorer exports, as well.

Before you begin

In order to create booking forms, you must first add questions to your Question Bank. When creating your form, you will then select the questions you want to use from your Question Bank. Thanks to the Question Bank, you can create a question once and reuse it in any number of question forms. This is great for common questions you ask multiple times, such as a patron's phone number, ID number, or status, since you won't have to recreate that question over and over for each new form. Plus, when you make a change to a question, it'll be reflected in every form where it's being used.

Optionally, you can also create Answer Rules that can show additional text or questions on your form, based on a user's response to a specific Radio or Dropdown question. This type of conditional logic allows you to create more dynamic booking forms. For example, you could add a radio field to your form asking patrons if they need any help setting up the equipment they're booking. If they respond "Yes" to that field, then you could display a hidden text area field asking them to provide details about what they need help with.

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Getting there

  1. Go to Admin >Spaces & Equipment
  2. Click on the Booking Forms tab.

Navigating to the Booking Forms page

Adding questions

  1. In the Question Bank panel, click on the Add New Question button.

Screenshot of the Add New Question button

  1. In the Add New Question window, enter the label for your question in the Text field.
  2. Choose the Type of question you want to add.
    1. Optionally, select the Required checkbox to make the question required.
    2. For Radio Button, Checkbox, and Dropdown questions, click on the  Add answer selection button to add a new multiple-choice option.
    3. To delete an answer from a Radio Button, Checkbox, or Dropdown question, click on its Delete () icon.
  3. Save your changes.

Adding a new question

Managing the Question Bank

  1. To edit a question, click on its Edit () icon in the Actions column.
  2. To delete a question, click on its Delete () icon in the Actions column. You can only delete questions not currently in use by any question forms.
    • NOTE: when you delete a question, you will permanently remove all of its responses from your booking data -- so be careful!

Options for managing questions

Creating booking forms

Once you've added your questions to the Question Bank, you're ready to use them in your booking forms. You can create booking forms for all sorts of uses -- such as:

  • Booking forms for different locations: if some locations have unique questions, it can be helpful to give them their own booking form.
  • Booking forms for different categories: if certain groups of spaces or equipment require additional information, you could give them their own booking form. Questions from that form would then be combined with the questions from that location's booking form.
  • Booking forms for different spaces or items: if individual spaces or items require more info from patrons, you can assign them their own booking form. Questions from that form would be combined with the questions from that location's and/or category's booking form.

Add a new form

  1. In the Booking Forms panel, click on the Add New Form button.

Screenshot of the Add New Form button

  1. In the  Add Booking Form window, label your form using the Form Name field.
  2. Click on the Add Question button and select a question from your Question Bank using the dropdown menu. Repeat to add more questions to the form.
    1. The Full Name and Email fields are required and will always appear at the top of the form. All other questions will appear below them in the order you've assigned.
    2. Click on the Delete () button next to a question to remove it.
  3. Once you've added all of your questions, click the Save button.

Example of adding a booking form 

Managing booking forms

  1. To edit a form, click on its Edit () icon in the Actions column.
  2. To delete a form, click on its Delete () icon in the Actions column. You can only delete forms not currently in use.

Screenshot of options for managing booking forms