Change a space category's visibility to public, private, or admin only

To change the visibility of a category:

  1. Go to Admin > Equipment & Spaces.
  2. Under the Manage Locations tab, find the location containing the category you want to move and click on its link in the Spaces column.
  3. Click on the category's Edit Category button.
  4. Under the General tab, select an Access option for the category.
    • Public: patrons will be able to access the category's booking pages from all menus, lists, and widgets.
    • Private: patrons will only be able to access the category's booking pages via their direct URLs. Links to the booking pages will not be included in navigation menus, lists, or widgets.
    • Admin Only: the category's public booking pages will be disabled. Bookings can only be created by staff who are logged into LibCal, via the Spaces > Availability page.
  5. Click the Save Category Settings button.

Selecting Equipment & Spaces from the Admin menu

Clicking on a location's link in the Spaces column

Clicking a category's Edit Category button

The Access options and Save Category Settings button

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