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Events: Embed, export, and subscribe to a calendar

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A calendar's Embed/Export Options provides you with different options for embedding or exporting your calendar's content, including an iCal subscription feed, XML data export, and RSS Feeds.

Getting there

  1. Click Events from the command bar.
  2. Click the calendar's title from the Modify/View Calendar column on the Calendar List tab.
Clicking a calendar name to modify/view the calendar
  1. Click the Embed/Export tab.
The Embed/Export tab

iCal subscription

Each calendar has its own iCal Subscription feed, which you can use to easily add your LibCal calendar's events to your favorite calendar app, such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. The feed refreshes periodically so new or changed events will automatically update in your calendar.

  1. Click iCal Subscription to expand the section.
  2. Copy and paste the URL into a calendar that supports the iCal format.
The Embed/Export tab

XML export

You can export your calendar's events to an XML file. When you export your events, the date range is limited to the previous month up through one year in the future, for a total of 13 months of event data.

  1. Click XML Export to expand the section.
  2. Click the Download XML Data link to download the XML file.
The Embed/Export tab

RSS feeds

Each calendar has several RSS feeds available that allow you to follow your upcoming events using an RSS reader or an RSS-enabled web browser to receive notifications when new events are added to the calendar.

  1. Click RSS Feeds to expand the section. Available feeds include:
    1. Today's events
    2. Events in the next week
    3. Events in the next 2 weeks
    4. Events in the next month
    5. Events by Audience: select a specific audience to follow.
    6. Events by Category: select a specific category to follow.
    7. Events by Internal Tag: select a specific internal tag to follow.
    8. Events by Campus: select a specific campus/branch to follow.
The Embed/Export tab