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Spaces: Set a space's general information (i.e. name, accessibility, power, friendly URL, and directions)

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Each space, regardless of whether it is a bookable space or used as a container for seats, has several information fields on the General tab of the space's settings -- name, use as an event location, accessibility, friendly URL, and directions. These will help your users to find the space when booking.

For more information on the more detailed options on the General tab for each space see our specific FAQS on those topics for: changing the assigned zone, changing the category, adjusting the type of space for seat bookings, flagging the space as a child/partial space, and setting the capacity.

To adjust a space's general information:

  1. Click on Admin, and then Spaces & Equipment from the command bar.
  2. Under the Locations tab, find the location containing the category you want to move and click on its link in the Spaces column.
Selecting Equipment & Spaces from the Admin menu
  1. Click the Edit Space () icon for the space that you want to move.
Clicking the edit space icon
  1. Under the General tab, you can then adjust the following fields as needed:
    1. Name: adjust the name of the space.
    2. Use as Event Location?: controls if the space can be booked for an event. If it is available to host the Event, and the checkbox is enabled, it will appear in the dropdown list selection in the Events module for Onsite events.
      • Note: spaces used for event locations can also be managed from Admin > Events > Space Locations.
    3. Accessible: select the checkbox for this field if the space is accessible-friendly. 
    4. Powered: select this checkbox if the same has power available.
    5. Friendly URL: enter the friendly URL nickname (aka "slug") that you want to use for this space.
      • Each URL must be unique and can contain only letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores.
      • Friendly URLs are case-sensitive, so we recommend using lowercase letters for the best results.
      • The slug that you enter here will be appended after the slug for your space category.
    6. Directions: will be displayed on the public booking page when viewing a space's additional information.
  2. Click the Save Settings button.
Selecting a the general fields for a space

Not seeing the Friendly URL field?

Because the full friendly URL for a space includes the friendly URL of its parent category, you must first assign a friendly URL to the space's category.

The space's Friendly URL field displays a message when the category does not have a friendly URL assigned

To do this, save your space's settings and click the Back to Spaces tab. Then, edit your category and give it a friendly URL. Once that's done, you can return to your space's settings to assign its friendly URL.