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Spaces: Book a space and view confirmed bookings on the public space booking page

The Spaces module provides your patrons with a dedicated interface that they can use to book your rooms. This allows your patrons to easily browse spaces at each location, check their availability, and submit their bookings.

If your location also provides equipment, patrons also have the option of adding items to their space booking. This is especially convenient for spaces like conference or meeting rooms, where patrons can book a projector, PowerPoint clicker, or laptop right along with the room itself.

Getting there

To view your public booking page while logged into LibCal: 

  1. Click on Spaces in the command bar.
  2. Select the Location you wish to view.
  3. Click on the Booking Grid & Availability tab.
  4. Select the Category from the location you wish to view.
  5. Click the Go button to load the booking grid.

Viewing a category's public page, part 1

  1. Click on the View Public Page button to display that category's public booking page.
    1. If you want to view another category, select it from the Category dropdown and click Go to reload the booking grid for the new category.

Viewing a category's public page, part 2

QR Code

You can also generate a QR code that you can use to share a link to your catalog. These QR codes can serve as a shortcut to your public bookings page for people using smartphones -- all they need to do is scan the QR code with an app that can read QR codes (such as Google Goggles or QR Code Reader) and they can navigate right to your catalog. 

To generate a QR code:

  1. Navigate to the location and category of your choice, then click on the QR Code button.

Clicking the QR Code button

  1. Then, right-click on the QR code image and save it to your computer. You can then use that image in your library website, handouts, or signs.

Example of a generated QR code 

Booking a space

  1. From the public booking page, select the Location where you'd like to book a space. Or, to view all public locations, select View All Locations.
  2. Select the Category of space you'd like to book.
  3. Use the Capacity dropdown to filter the list of rooms based upon how many people they can accommodate.
    • Note: when a space in the category you are viewing is set up with individual seats, you can select 'Single Seat Booking' from this dropdown to view all seats available for booking in the category.
  4. Navigate to the date when you want to book a space.
    1. Use the  Go to Date button to select a specific date.
    2. Use the Back () and Forward () buttons to navigate between weeks.
    3. If there are no available times in the current view, the  Next Available button will appear. Clicking this button will jump you to the next available time slot.

Location, Category, Capacity, and date navigation options

  1. Click on an available time slot for a space to start a booking at that time. 
    1. To view more info about a space, including the photo, description, and directions, click on the room's Info badge.
    2. Use the horizontal scroll bar to view additional times in the grid.

Note: when a user clicks on a booking slot, their selected times will be "locked" for 5 minutes. This is to prevent other users from attempting to book the same times before the user is able to complete & submit the booking form. The lock will automatically be cleared if the user navigates away from the booking page (such as pressing the back button in their browser).

  1. For the selected room, you can select a different due time from the dropdown menu. 
    1. To remove the room from your booking, click its trash can () button.
  2. Click the Submit Times button. If LibAuth is enabled for these spaces, then you will also be prompted to authenticate.
    1. Or, if you would like to book equipment along with this space, click on the Add Equipment button. This will take you to the Equipment Booking catalog, where the space will be added to your cart. You will complete the booking process from there.

Selecting and submitting times

  1. Review any terms & conditions for this space, then click Continue.
    1. To modify your booking, click the Change link under the Booking Details.

The Continue button below the terms and conditions

  1. Fill out the booking form.
    1. If your category has public nicknames enabled, there will be a field where you can give your booking a name (e.g. "Study Group"). This will add your booking to a searchable list that will allow other users to more easily find your booking, which is especially useful for events, workshops, or study groups.
    2. To modify your booking, click the Change link under the Booking Details. Once a booking is submitted, it can only be edited by a staff user.
  2. Click the Submit my Booking button. The patron will receive a notification email to confirm the booking if email verification is required.
    • Once the booking has been confirmed (via email verification, automatically, or by mediation), the patron will receive a confirmation/mediation approved email with an ICS file for the booking. 

Submitting a booking form

Viewing confirmed bookings

If your space category has public nicknames enabled, your patrons can browse and search for bookings. For example, if a tutor scheduled a biology study group in room 120, this can help other students find out which room the study group is in. 

  1. Click on the  View Confirmed Bookings link.

The View Confirmed Bookings link

  1. Use the Location, Category, or When filters to browse upcoming bookings, or search by the booking name. Available date filter options include:
    • Today
    • Next 7 days
    • Next 14 days
    • Next 90 days
    • Custom Date (this allows you to select a specific date using a date picker)
  2. To view more information about the room, including a photo, description, and directions, click on the Info badge next to the name of the room.

Example of viewing confirmed bookings 

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