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Spaces: Subscribe to a category's bookings using its iCal feed

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If you would like to subscribe to a space category's bookings in a calendar app, such as Google Calendar, Outlook, or the Mac Calendar app, you can use one of its iCal subscription feeds. When you add one of these feeds to your calendar app, each booking will display as its own event.

There are several feeds available for each category

  • Group booking information with full patron details: this will include the bookings for all spaces in the category, with each event also including the patron's name and email address.
  • Group booking information with no patron details: this will include the bookings for all spaces in the category, but without any information about the patron. This is most suitable for public calendars.
  • Dedicated feeds for individual rooms: each space in your category has its own feeds -- one with and one without patron information.
Important note about iCal feeds: although LibCal regularly updates iCal feeds, your calendar app may not attempt to retrieve updated information that quickly. This unfortunately varies by calendar app. As a result, please allow some time for changes made in LibCal to appear in your calendar app. (Your calendar app may allow you to manually refresh an iCal feed -- check out its documentation for more info.)

To view a category's iCal feeds:

  1. Click on Spaces in the command bar.
  2. Select the Location you wish to view.
  3. Click on the Booking Grid & Availability tab.
  4. Use the filters to select spaces by Category, Zone, or other options.
  5. Click the Go button to load the booking grid.

Viewing a category's public page, part 1

  1. Click the iCal button.

The iCal button under the Availability tab

  1. In the iCal Subscription window, copy the feed URL you wish to add to your calendar app.
    • To view the feeds for an individual space, click on the corresponding panel under iCal Subscription for Individual Rooms.
    • For specific instructions on how to subscribe to a calendar in your calendar app, please consult its documentation.

The iCal Subscription window