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Events: Copy an event to the same calendar or a different calendar

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If you plan on running the same event again, you can save yourself time by creating a copy of the original event, instead of starting from scratch. When you copy an event, all of the details of the original event will be copied, so all you have to do is change the date & time. 

  1. To get started, log into LibCal, edit your calendar, and click on the event you want to copy.

Example of clicking on an event to copy

  1. This will launch the Event Details window. Click on the down arrow portion of the Modify Event button and choose one of the following options:
    1. Copy Event: this will create a copy of the event in the same calendar.
    2. Copy to Another Calendar: this will create a copy of the event on a different calendar in your LibCal system. 
      • The copy of this event will initially share the same location, date, and time as the original event. The copy's location, date, and/or time may need to be modified to find an available location or space.
      • Please note that if this event contains calendar-level categories, they will not be retained in the copy. All other event fields will be retained.

The Copy Event and Copy to Another Calendar options

  1. If you choose Copy to Another Calendar, you will be prompted to select a Destination Calendar for the copied event. Select it from the dropdown, then click the Copy button.

Selecting a destination calendar from the Copy to Another Calendar window

  1. You'll be taken to the Add Event page where you can customize the new event's details and save it.
    • If you change your mind, you can click on the Go to Source Calendar tab on the top of the page to return to the original event's calendar without saving.